Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making Apps

I am doing OK, but not wonderfully, so far as my work with Android Apps is concerned. I didn't really expect too much more than that, although I was hoping I could jump in and build something unique before somebody else did. That is always a foolish hope, yet I did at least make some popular Apps (all the free ones do well).

I found a program library for Android/iPhone/WebOs/Blackberry called "PhoneGap" which purports to build apps for any environment, mostly using some Java or other lower level code in a library and HTML5 as the programming language for the designer.

This is somewhat OK, although since I know Android enough to directly code in the Java or C layers, it can be a RAD (rapid app development) tool for getting things out the door and then improving them for speed or fine touches later.

Since I only have a Droid (Droid 1, in fact, although sometimes I can use my wife's Droid X) there is not much I can do with the tools for testing in the other phones. It seems very bureaucratic to make iPhone apps, even if you have one. I can't speak for the others at all, but hopefully they would work at least as well.

To find this TOOL

Making apps with a RAD tool might work for you too.

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