Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days Of Our Lies

Things have gotten quite rigid between all the various parties, regimes, camps, heads of states and wanna-be heads of states -- all over the world. In my life, in the lull between WWII and 2001/9/11, where only a few horrible wars like Vietnam, Iraq-Kuwait, Afghanistan, almost all of Africa and of course, Israel, it seemed almost like the American Dream might be real, and one could drive their 16 Cylinder Family Freight Hauler around the USA with cheap gas and cheap cigarettes forever.

Well, I guess those days were actually BEFORE Vietnam, because I remember the gas wars when they tried to undersell each other: 19 cents, 18 cents a gallon. And cigarettes cost 20 cents a pack in the machines, cokes cost a dime. The days after Vietnam, and especially during, were very tragic and confusing in my teenage days. I had to become a soldier before I was really prepared for that. At least the cigarettes on board ships or from the on base stores only cost 11 cents (no taxes).

And in those days a bag of half-way decent pot cost $10, $20 for real Panama Red or Acapulco Gold. And Vietnamese pot was pretty much free over there. I Think it was probably a mixture of pot, politics and heroin -- an epidemic in the ranks -- was partially to blame for our loss. However, the full blame can be shared amongst several presidents, several defense ministers and our numerous KGB-like enemies about the world.

Ah, the good old days.

Now, in the 20-teens, there are so many wars I can't name them all, most of them civil wars, most of them we are not directly involved in. Of course, Iraq is still smoldering, with bombing deaths still echoing about their cities. Afghanistan is always at war, it seems, with either their neighbors, or amongst themselves. Their experience with Islam mixed with a Mountain Man lifestyle mixed with insane Taliban extremists and Arab Islamic fundamentalists makes for an impossible situation --  one that we should not be trying to change. We might as well try to turn West Virginia into San Franscisco -- it ain't gonna happen.

It isn't to say that I think all of our guys die for nothing in these wars -- although it is obvious that many do die for nothing. If you die taking some mountain in Whateverstan and then abandon it and then more guys die taking it back again -- how is that different than the poorly planned situations in Vietnam? They died for nothing.

But maybe we taught the Taliban a lesson (ha -- a joke -- students) by showing them that we don't like guys shooting women through the head for having sex with some guy that's really to blame for her situation. Shoot the guy, if you need to shoot guilty people. Don't shoot women -- it pisses us off.

Maybe we taught the Al Qaida assholes a lesson? Sure, that we got really nice weapon systems that can pick them off like birds eating bugs. We can see for thousands of miles, wait for just the right second and -- kaboom. Off with their heads. Yes, I know they killed a lot of our people with their clever little tricks, suicide girls, jet planes into buildings and so forth. But the are so clumsy -- killing almost everyone who is innocent and almost no one who is guilty (of whatever we are guilty of -- infidels or imperialists, whatever.)

I would be happier about these wars if we:
  1. Got the main asshole we were trying to get.
  2. Got out of there immediately after that happened.
  3. Didn't spend a $Trillion on fighting Hillbillies with goats.

Anyway, we are still fighting these wars.

Congress is another kind of war. It also involves Hillbillies versus San Franciscans. It also involves liars and cheats and spending $Trillions of dollars on insane things like giving more money to rich people and taking money from old people and children. I know there are welfare cheats, driving their Cadillacs to the bank to cash their welfare checks. I know there are all kinds of lazy assholes that don't deserve a dime of our tax money.

However, if you are going to give billions to your rich buddies and waste trillions on wars and nuclear weapons and space weapons and so forth, who cares if a few million gets wasted on welfare whores and beggars. Don't cheat the damn children, whatever you do, whatever you call it.

And forget it if you think there is any way that I will ever believe what any politician ever says about anything, whichever party they are in, from whatever country they are from, whether they are patricians or plebeians or Bible thumping fools or Nuclear Bomb scientists or drug dealers or whoever they are. I don't believe anything you got to say, politicians!!! I heard it all already.