Friday, May 18, 2012

The Equation

Everyone is aware of the various mathematical operations that define the physics of the world around us. Einstein came up with E=mc2, defining the equivalence of matter and energy. Yet no one really knows what matter or energy really are.

There is also an overall pattern in the Universe. This pattern is best seen when draining water down a drain -- a spiral. It also appears in tornadoes, hurricanes, major storm systems, various ocean gyres, in our own Solar System, which lies embedded in one of the spiral arms of our galaxy. The galaxy is then in a swarm of other galaxies caught up in a flow, which has eddies and rapids like a river.

In math, one can produce a complex number Z, and produce another complex number Z'. Then operations on this can infinitely propagate Z' = Z2+Z until  -4.0 < Z' < 4.0. Using the x and y coordinates for Z.x and Z.y (with 0 in the center of a graph), one can plot the color of each point on the graph. The color is formed from the number of iterations of Z'= Z2+Z possible before it hits a limit.

This will produce the Mandelbrot Set, a fractal shape which is self-similar at different scales. And with various forms applied as warps to the x,y space an infinite variety of forms can be made.