Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Slimmest of All

I just wondered what this was about. It is made with “Live Writer” which I downloaded while on Windows 7. It is a very slim document editor. 

These are pictures of my grand daughters. They are about a year older now, but this picture was handy. I have discovered that the pictures are static, and the text doesn’t flow around them like a web page.

the girls November 2008 041

Oh, well. So let’s see if this blog thing happens. Well – I was wrong about the text wrapping. I just fixed it so it does. Just have to read the manual more often.

It also updated my blog right handily as well. So this isn’t so bad at all.

The world isn’t flat, and the world of Redmond isn’t always stuck in 1979.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wpf and Silverlight Programming

Click on the images for larger versions.

These are WPF program and Silverlight programs with lots of moving objects, beating heart, and so forth. They can play movies, display other background images in differing opacities, etc. There are many things that aren't apparent by just looking at this picture. WPF mainly runs right on the metal and Silverlight runs as a web page.

These products have been around in varying levels of quality for several years, but only lately have they seemed worth bothering with, especially now that Windows 7 is around. These were created on Windows 7 (a developer's version) using vs2008 with lots of sp1 and other updates. I did not use Expressions Blend, although it might have been much easier for parts of the animations to do so.

I haven't posted for a long while since I've been busy trying to create these. I'd rather use Linux for everything, (which I'm doing right now to type this), however the world is still 90% Microsoft.

There are very few choices for jobs, so I have to do whatever there is, and if that's using WPF and related tools, so be it. It is very difficult to learn, however, so I'm just now figuring out how to do animations and all that, and the bizarre separation of WPF and Silverlight is unfortunate and annoying. They should both do the same things with the same syntax if it is something that is otherwise identically rendered.

Anyway, as time goes on, I hope to have some stuff that is less goofing around and more useful. Maybe I'll make my own web page using Silverlight, just for grins.

Other artwork I do on computers: