Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Age Of Trump

Here we are in the age of Trump. Maybe things will be solved by time. He eats junk food and is very overweight. His wife hates him, his children are sycophants afraid to lose their inheritance and he probably fears anyone he hasn't known for many years. Therefore he fears his bodyguards, the Secret Service, the entire Pentagon and most of his cooks - as well as all of us in the world.

It is easy to throw around the word Nazi to stir people's emotions. In this case, however, there are members of his inner circle jerk who are White Supremacists, Fascists and probably Nazis. I doubt Trump himself even knows what the term really means. He knows what KKK means, because he spent some time denying he knew what that meant. Even microcephalics have a good idea what KKK means, so his denials smell funny.

Anyway, I hope my children and grandchildren of mine and of my extended family are able to weather the Trump storm. But I feel that America has been ruined forever.