Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Voices In My Head

There are many kinds of pathos in the human world. Just to list them would be a boring, endless list of depressing descriptions. Even to think of them is probably harmful, like the Joke that Kills.

People are always thinking up new ways to do stupid things. I have a button on my browser(s) that causes a random webpage to be invoked. The vast majority of purely random links are family pictures with unreadable drivel written around them. The next popular things are similar to the Cat Pictures, although in some ways the Cat Pictures are less depressing than to find humans or their babies doing even dumber things.

When I think of any politician, no matter which point on which dimension they appear, I think mostly of pathological liars. I grimace to listen to them because everything they say has already been proven to be bull manure, hundreds of times over.

One of the biggest lies is "to produce jobs, reduce taxes for rich people." What happened the last time we gave them tax breaks? They fired us and moved their companies, or at least the actual labor, to India or China or someplace. So we should reward them?

Another lie, "we can borrow for this program now, and it will pay for itself."

Other lies and totally nuts ideas are that killing murderers is not itself murder, fetuses are persons, oil and nuclear power are necessary and harmless. But everyone has their opinions. Opinions don't have to be "proven true." Just look at Phox SNooze, for instance. Not a word that has been uttered beyond whatever ideology the propagandists demand.

It would perfectly logical for a politician to promise that he can make chickens lay 2 eggs at once, as well as sliced bacon for the side dish, without batting an eye. He can make cornbread from oats. His horse manure doesn't smell bad.