Monday, May 17, 2010

Glenn Beck

Politics is a messy business, and propaganda is a continuous effort. If you live and die by propaganda, much like the Maoist, the North Korean, the Stalinist and the Republican, then propaganda is ALL there is.

Glenn Beck is a despicable fraud. However if I just state that as a fact without some proof, then that is just propaganda, no better than the GOP.

If you want proof, merely watch his program (on the Propaganda News Channel). Except that watching it is exactly what the creators of this barrage of carefully chosen keywords want. They also depend that the watcher is some kind of idiot who cannot simply "google" the nonsense they are told and find out for themselves what is true and what is a load of crap.

Glenn Beck spouts "Hitler", "Stalin", "Mao", "Jesus", "guns", "socialism", etc., etc., blah blah. If those kinds of words trigger a certain emotion in the viewer/listener, and then they are associated with the next barrage of keywords like "the government", "Obama", "liberals", "socialists", "environmentalists", etc., etc., then they (the producers of propaganda) have earned their nickels.

If you really want to know what totalitarianism is, merely visit your local Massive Dynamics type of corporation. No socialism, no "Mao", no "Stalin" -- yet nothing but dictatorship and total control over employees. Of course an employee can go elsewhere, perhaps to a less crappy place, or perhaps into the unemployment line.

The oil and coal corporations can poison the entire Earth, kill massive amounts of sea life, poison our children with smog and exhaust products, and then claim "economic injury" if anyone complains about it. Somehow Beck and his team love these people -- the Princes of Petro Coalia, with gushing praise for all their heartless, deathly occupations, keeping all the illiterates of America employed in the most horrible working conditions. Not to mention the money we pay to the foreign oil barons who use their vast oil wealth to fund religious wars and terrorism against us.

But, I am no one. I am a single voice in the roar of the diesel engines and power plants. Who am I anyway? Compared to Beck and the other propagandists of our world, I am merely a gnat to be swatted aside without a thought. And it doesn't really matter anyway. I am not trying to propagandize -- I have nothing to gain from it.

I merely want to point out the blood on the carpet. In our world, much like in medieval days, there are the very rich and the very poor. The rich always win, whether they deserve it or not. The poor always lose. The rich trample on the poor, and if they complain about it, then they become a blood stain on the carpet.

What would Jesus do? Probably drive him out with the moneylenders and other charlatans.

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