Tuesday, March 2, 2010

China Blues

My wife has traveled to China for her work as a Software engineer. The company works with LG to produce computer components.

For one thing, I suppose China is quite civilized, so there will be no fear of her being consumed by wild savages in a jungle or mugged in a dark alley somewhere. Her hotel would be classified as a palace in America, and only in the actual work environment will their be any discomfort -- being in a clean room bunny suit is the first stage of that. Eating strange stuff from a big tank of strange stuff is another stage.

China considers women to be something along the lines of a butler or shoe polisher, if they are lucky, but usually not masters of some technical field like electronic software engineering. They will have to swallow their pride and just make room for her. She will not be pigeon holed some way like that.

Anyway, she is there now, so I'm home alone, writing this stuff at 1 am.

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