Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working like a fool

My job has indeed been taking my time, but that's what jobs do and why they have to pay you money to do them. The ironic things is, though, that I do the same things for money that I would do for free, except for the driving to some building where there are lots of phones, people and other distractions.

Still, I need to have people around for the most part, or go crazy. And if I stay at the house my daughter will have me changing diapers and other babysitting duties. I don't mind it too much, but the diaper part is getting a bit tiresome. So working at the office suits me OK.

My aunt just bought a new laptop to replace a dying old dinosaur of an XP system. She must learn Windows 7 and all that, but she is a smart old bird and shouldn't have that much problem. I think it is better for her anyway -- easier to keep safe from the viruses than the older systems, and it will make her use her brain, which is good for your brain.

Soon, though, I will need to give her a list of stuff that she should use instead of buying lots of junk or downloading a million things she doesn't need. In today's world it is really a lot cheaper to own computers and get software. This is fine for everybody except the people that make money selling that stuff -- like me.

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