Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working Stiffs

The term "working stiff" applies to all of us humans that actually get up every morning and start doing something in the attempt to make a small sum of money. Such people as gardeners, nannies, grocery store cashiers, computer programmers, janitors, teachers, cooks, nurses, doctors, mechanics, technicians and several thousand other kinds of workers -- all fall into this category.

There are other people, for instance the CEO of Exxon, who probably get up in the morning and also start doing something, however they do it for vast sums of money and are never referred to as "working stiffs".

I have noticed that the GOP, the right wing party in America, has become quite incensed with any hint of socialism that might creep into our government. I'm not sure they understand the difference between socialism and totalitarianism (which is closer to GOP thinking than socialism itself). The fear of socialism would be quite understandable if you are the CEO of Exxon, or perhaps the King of Texas (I mean, the Governor), because socialism means that they might be forced to accept less money for their stupendously superior amounts of work compared to say, a doctor.

Somehow, with the marvelous information propagation capabilities heretofore reserved for such greats as Goebbels or Stalin, the GOP has managed to make every gas station attendant, waitress and stock yard worker in America take up pitchforks against them damn socialists, wherever they are. This is because... well, I don't exactly know why.

Why would a waitress that makes $2.30 per hour, plus maybe $10 or $20 in tips, feel so incensed about taxes that they don't even pay that they would stick a needle in your eye for voting in favor of increasing their chances of getting quality health care someday? Why do working stiffs actually desired getting stiffed by the Insurance Industry? Why do "nonworking" working stiffs that can't even get a job desire for any possible job they might get to be outsourced to China?

I can at least understand the hatred some GOPs have for other races. I don't like it, but I understand it. I understand the hatred they have for other religions, again something I'm not especially on board with. They have a whole drawer full of stock hate-symbols to drag out for every occasion. I am not exactly sure why all the working class heroes are so dead set against worker's rights, minimum standards of health care, education and so forth. It's like wanting to own guns in order to shoot yourself in the feet.

Why are the GOPs so effective in making working stiffs desperate to screw up their own lives?

Propaganda on mass media. It works. Ask any preacher, advertising executive or producer for You-Know-Who News. They know it works and the GOP knows it works. And us working stiffs know it works-- so stop falling for it. Think for yourself.

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