Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cave Men

There are many things that bother me about the world I live in. In America we still have a large number of bigots, racists, hate groups, militias, gangs and other throngs of violent or verbally abusive people. This is not the only country with such entities, and perhaps not even the worst.

However, in America we like to claim that we are superior, that we have a moral high ground, that we promote "the greatest good" in the world. Whenever I see those words I grimace. I always hope that such things will be true someday, for the sake of my grandchildren.

Today, in the "brave new world" of the 21st century, we still live like tribal savages from the time before the Pyramids. We have barely evolved, if at all, from the cave-men caricatures of our ancestry. In fact, if not for a continuous monitoring of the populace, including a monitoring of the monitors themselves -- our civilization would collapse into a Mad Max world of savages. Racism and bigotry would be the major forces in the world. Intellect and civility would be overrun like Easter bonnets in a cattle stampede.

So, just think about the world you are creating, and what you will leave for your children and grandchildren. If you are just teaching them bigotry, then you are destroying their future.

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